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Friday, 18 November 2011

Wenger confirms lack of full-back cover at Arsenal

Speaking at his weekly presser ahead of the Norwich game Wenger was asked whether or not he believed there was adequate cover in the full-back areas following the fresh injuries to Gibbs and Jenkinson, he responded with a resounding “frankly speaking NO”
A stress fracture to the lower back and a hernia operation for the pair respectively, means there is a very good chance neither player will be in first team action again in 2011.
When asked what cover there was at right back with Sagna also out till 2012, Wenger gave quite a hint towards Koscienly being the man in line to be “innovated” into a new position.
On one hand this freaks me out as he is easily our best CB right now, but we have a fully fit and fired up TV5 and the big German to step in at centre half should the Frenchman be asked to move across the backline.  But on the plus side it may actually be our only remaining option as I cannot abide JD in a full back role.
I have said it before and I will say it again, he is a total disaster waiting to happen in every game he will ever play there.
We got away with it about 4 times at Stamford Bridge, but had the Blues been a little more clinical maybe the now legendary 5-3 result could have been very different, and it would have been on JD if it had.  He was a nightmare in the opening 20-30 minutes.  Granted he got his act together later on, but the signs are there.
I am warning you again….. the signs are there for all to see.
A tasty left winger will twist him up something rotten, it would actually be a massacre as JD is just not physically capable of being agile enough  to deal with tricky wingers.  A big strong lumbering CF yes… but not a wide man.  JD is a central player, his size and frame tells you what you need to know.  6ft 4 15 stone full backs that fall into the great let alone decent category simply don’t exist on planet earth.

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