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Friday, 18 November 2011

Vermaelen: My Positional Play Has Improved At Arsenal

Thomas 'The Verminator' Vermaelen has been talking about his positional improvement since joining Arsenal in 2009. The Arsenal vice captain gives the team a presence that has often been missing during his time out injured but the Belgian hard man has admitted to having learnt plenty during his time at Arsenal.
Vermaelen said:

"My position is more about taking decisions and more about taking your position on the pitch. I must say, the last few years at Arsenal, I have learned a lot about how to have a good position on the pitch. Make sure that everybody is well organised, if you help your players in front of you with talking then it makes it easier for you as well because they have a good position and that makes it easier for the team and for you, I think this is what you learn as you get older."
We have seen positional errors from Vermaelen in the past, he is a player who plays right on the edge and at times has been a little over eager in winning the ball when standing his ground may have been the more sensible option. If playing alongside Koscielny then he may have one of the best recovery defenders in the modern game right now but alongside Mertesacker or Djourou, Vermaelen may have to alter his game a little.

We are still unsure as to who will play in central defence later this afternoon so it will be interesting to see how Vermaelen reacts to whichever partner he plays with if he is selected.

All three central defenders are on the up right now in their own ways. Vermaelen after injury, Koscielny finding consistency and Mertesacker settling in to life in the Premier league. A good headache for the manager to have, I am sure you will agree.

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